About Us

Abigail Lincoln, DVM
Abigail  was born and raised right here in Anytown and spent her formative years caring  for her animal companions, including dogs, cats, sheep, and horses.  She graduated from University of Brilliance  Veterinary School in 1999, and returned to Anytown, bringing her expertise back  to her hometown animal friends.  She  joined the staff of ABC Animal Hospital that same year and specialized in  both domestic pets and equine medicine.

Dr.  Lincoln has found an additional interest in holistic veterinary medicine, and  has obtained certifications in both animal chiropractic and acupuncture.  Whether you have an arthritic dog or an  athletic horse that needs relief from chronic pain, Dr. Lincoln is here to  help!
When  not at the clinic, the Lincoln family – Abigail, husband Martin, and daughter  Jane – spend time biking, kayaking, and picnicking in Anytown’s great parks.  Their animal family includes a black and  white collie, four dwarf rabbits, and Jane’s 4-H performance horse.

Marty Washington, Registered Veterinary  Technician
  Marty  grew up in neighboring Center City and attended Anytown College, initially studying  to be a dental technician. He soon  discovered his true calling and transferred to the Anytown Veterinary  Technician program. Marty graduated with  his certification in 2005. He worked at the Pet Emergency Center for three  years, developing his skills and learning about veterinary emergency  procedures. In 2009, Marty joined the team of ABC Animal Hospital.
Together  with his wife Georgette, Marty is a leader for the Anytown Animal Lovers 4-H  Club.  In addition, he teaches classes in  dog obedience training for ABC Animal Hospital canine clients.  Marty and Georgette Washington are expecting  their first child this fall – stay tuned for updates! 

Bennie Franklin, Office Manager
  Bennie  has been with ABC Animal Hospital since they opened their doors in 1987.  She will tell you how she came to the clinic  with an injured stray pup she found limping in her barnyard, and left with a  new career!
Bennie  is especially helpful in calming pets as they enter the clinic for the first  time – she also keeps treats for pets and their owners underneath the reception  desk.  Bennie now lives in town, just  around the corner from the clinic.  You  will see her walking to work with her dog, Lightning, on days when the weather  cooperates – be sure to wave to them as you pass by.